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Football 2020 update

Posted on September 12, 2020 at 3:15 PM


As many of you know, CMFL has been officially shut down by the State of Maine Community Sports Guidelines for contact football. The only way we can have a tackle season at AYS would be to play scrimmages within our AYS teams. Registration numbers do not allow us to have multiple teams. So unfortunately, this does not work for our program.

However, we are going ahead with our backup plan of 7 vs 7 flag football for all levels. (K-8th) We understand this is not ideal, but we are doing everything we can to give these kids something to do! State of Maine guidelines has 7 vs 7 flag football as a Level 4, allowing teams to play games between teams from the same geographic area (e.g. the same county and in some cases adjacent counties). This level of play involves two cohorts of participants. We are currently in contact with area teams to make a game schedule. Our teams will practice 2 times a week and have Saturday games. Our goal is to get them 4 to 6 games this season.

With all the negativity in the world, we at AYS hope to focus on the positive. A year away from the tradition contact football can be fun and beneficial to our football athletes. Playing a flag season, allows us to get back to some of the fundamentals of the sport of football and lets us continue to teach the athletes commitment, dedication and work ethic. Flag football offers opportunities to improve skills & knowledge.

• Skill position fundamentals. Our athletes can improve throwing and receiving mechanics without contact. Sometimes, the fear contact alters an athletes’ mechanics.

• Defensive fundamentals. Flag players must see the ball, play the pass and grab the flag. Grabbing a flag can sometimes be harder than making a tackle. The proper technique in grabbing a flag is transferable to tackle football and helps with proper tackling technique.

• Work ethic. Just like everything else in life, reaching goals requires work. Flag offers another great environment for athletes of all levels to participate in and learn the benefits of working hard individually and as a team.

• Mental & Physical Health. It is the perfect way for athlete & their peers to bond and have fun. It will help keep athletes in good physical condition. It is great for physical interaction with others for a sense of belonging.

Flag league will be a $40 registration fee. Athletes will receive a team shirt and a flag belt. We will open registrations today until Sunday night. We hope to start practices next week.

REGISTER TODAY at Let us get out there on the field and make 2020 the best it can be!


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