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Le't play ball!!

Posted on June 14, 2020 at 11:20 AM

Good morning! We are excited to announce AYS BASEBALL & SOFTBALL are ready to begin!! We have been working hard all week to get everything together for a fun modified season.

Emails have been sent out by our Commissioners with important information, teams/groups have been formed, coaches have meet and equipment is ready!

Basic guidelines: Athletes should not come to practices or scrimmages of not feeling well. Hand sanitizer and sanitizing of products are required before during and after. AYS will provide individual hand sanitizers to players and have sanitation products available during events. Players should provide own snack or labeled drink. No sharing! Sunflower seeds are prohibited. Spectators should bring own chairs for social distancing and follow guidelines of 6ft away from individuals outside home while face coverings are recommended. CDC & AYS recognize that face coverings are not compatible with many sports and inhibit respiration during exercise. Face coverings are not recommended for players during practice or competition. Face coverings are recommended for spectators if social distancing cannot be maintained. Players should refrain from physical contact, hugs, high fives, etc. While we strongly encourage players to have their own equipment, as safety precaution. AYS will have helmets and bats available for use if you do not have one.


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