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Green light for Spring Ball!

Posted on June 14, 2020 at 11:20 AM

EXCITING NEWS!!!!! AYS has gotten permission to use ball fields in Towns of Livermore & Jay!! A big thank you to Town of Livermore

& Town of Jay

!! We appreciate the opportunity to offer our baseball, softball & tee ball to our ball players!

With that being said, we can't wait to get our AYS kids out on the diamond. There will be lots of changes to the season this year due to the Convid-19 but we plan on making the best of it! We will be meeting with coaches this week and will have an email out shortly with important information about the season. We will need to all work together to make this a fun safe time for our athletes.

If you are currently registered and dont feel comfortable returning, please let us know ASAP. If you are not registered but would like to participate, let us know as well.

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