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Help AYS by shopping Amazon Smile!

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Are you an Amazon shopper? Or do you like the ease of doing online shopping? AYS has just joined AmazonSmile. Amazonsmile is operated by Amazon but lets customers enjoy the same selection of products, low prices, and convenient shopping features as on while helping support a non profit organization. When customers shop on AmazonSmile (, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to our AYS Organization!! How Cool is that?? All you have to do is visit and pick Area Youth Sports, Inc Jay, ME. to have donations made to us!! But remember you must always shop from this site and not the regular Amazon one for us to receive benefits. We thank you in advance for all your support. Without all our supporters, there would be no AYS to offer our youth!


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2019 AYS Christmas Craft Fair

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2019-2020 Basketball Season Info

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2019 Calendar Raffle Winners!

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DAY 1-Sports Fan Day: Randi Cook

DAY 2-Fitness Guru Day: Kayla Adams

DAY 3- Girly Girl Day:  Shanna Dorey

DAY 4- Grill King Day:  Jason Gibbs

DAY 5-Bird Lover Day: Andrea Richards

DAY 6- Eating Healthy Day: Jennifer Beckler

DAY 7- Salon Makeover Day:  Heidi Gray

DAY 8- Superhero Kid Day: Kent Mitchell

DAY 9-Ski Enthusiast Day: Majorie Merrill

DAY 10- Meal On the Go Day: Angela Frey

DAY 11-Sports Player Day: Tammy Maxwell

DAY 12-Road Warrior Day: Joine Sage

DAY 13-Relaxation Needed Day: Nelda Bond

DAY 14- Sweet Lover Day: Alice Preble

DAY 15-Gift Card Galore: Michelle Libby

DAY 16- Gym Lover Day: Tara Harrington

DAY 17-Fruit Lover Day:  Brecke

DAY 18-Mini Vacation Day: Shawn Ready

DAY19-Keep Me Cozy Day: Fern Gordon

DAY 20-No More Dry Air Day: Cindy Crabtree

DAY 21- Lunch & A Snack Day: Tom Frazier

DAY 22- Pizza Lover Day: Kelli Gats

DAY 23- Nature Guru Day: Donna Dumais

DAY 24- Decorator Day: Erika Silva

DAY 25-Muscle Woman Day: Nikki Goodhart

DAY 26-Home Improver Day: John Turner

DAY 27- Bike Lover Day: Rick Olsen

DAY 28-Breakfast & Dinner Day: Connie Cordell

DAY 29-Beauty Queen Day: Hilliary Hemminger

DAY 30-Car Care Day: Matt Rocque

DAY 31-Wine Lover Day: Sarah & Eric Gemelli


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It’s almost fall y’all! Which means AYS Football, Soccer, Cheering, Field Hockey, AYS’s famous French fries, and our Annual CALENDAR RAFFLE! This year AYS Board-members worked super hard to make the calendar better than ever! $10 for 31 chances to win! Which means the possibility of winning multiple days!! Truly great opportunity to support our youth! Check with your AYS fall athletes they’ll be selling them soon for the month of September! As well as any AYS Board-member and home football games


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Spring Sport Registration

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AYS has opened registrations online for our upcoming spring sports season. This includes Cal-Ripken Baseball, soft ball and teeball.

• Cal Ripken Baseball is for kids from 7 - 12 years old. Sign up fee is $50.00.

• Softball is for girls ages 7-12 years old. Signup fee is $50.00.

• TeeBall is for children 4- 6 years of age. Signup fee is $30.00. This is for both boys and girls.

For more information on the sports, visit us at Register with debit/credit card online at:

Indoor Soccer

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This 6 wk indoor soccer league is open to both boys and girls grades 1st-6th who are interested in playing small-sided games in an COMPETITIVE environment. Registration is limited to the first 32 children in each division. This is strictly a competition co-ed game schedule, no practices! NO SKILLS & DRILLS! Athletes need the following: non marking soled sneakers, shin guards and mouth guards. Divisions are as followed: Divison 1: grade 1-3 and Division 2: grade 4-6.

Boys Basketball Assessments

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Assessments will take place this Saturday the 26th. Please plan on attending, as they will help with team placements. Any unpaid registration

fees should be turned into commissioner, Nixon Ortiz at that time. Hope to see all of you there!

A Message from AYS

Posted on October 28, 2018 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings AYS and Phoenix community. The board would like to reach out to the community and let everyone know we understand and are working hard to improve our communication and do the best we can to provide the best possible experience for our kids. We had a successful meeting this morning with a great public turnout and with constructive feedback, we were able to address and correct an issue that was brought to our attention. Going forward our objective is to continue to improve and better the program and learn from our mistakes. Please remember that the board is just a group of volunteers made of blue collar workers, white collar workers, veterans, educators, health care workers, parents, and one incredibly attractive male model (Alan Mitchell, yes I wrote this ;) giving our time trying to grow and improve just like everyone else. We encourage public participation and feedback. We want feedback, we want constructive criticism, we want to hear your concerns, we want new ideas, we want more members, we want to be better and get better so we can grow a reputation as a GREAT program!! So please, please, please reach out to us or come to meetings so we can continue to improve. In order to continue to be the best we can as the AYS board and as a community we need to all remember what AYS really is. AYS is our kids, our coaches, our parents, our board members, our volunteers, and we need to all come together as an "Us". As a board we want/need your support and we want the community we serve to know we're not here to be an "Us vs. you/them" we're here to come together and be an "Us".


Dave Frey, Nixon Ortiz, Heather Williams, Jenna Rocque, Cindy Ortiz, Angela Newcomb, Dave Nelson, Charlene Nelson, Alan Mitchell, Ashley Draper & Jake Nichols ~AYS Board~

AYS V.I.P Club

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Are you a part of our AYS V.I.P Club, if not would you like to be???

AYS NEEDS our community members support! We are always looking for volunteers to help in all areas of the program! Now you can feel good about your contribution AND earn credit towards a $40 voucher. Every person donating 10 hours of their time to AYS will receive a voucher worth up to $40.00. What a great way to keep costs down for everyone and keep some money in your own pocket while your child enjoys learning a new sport or learning new skills in a sport they already play!

With the fall season quickly approaching, we will have lots of volunteer needs! If you are interested in volunteering and becoming part of the V.I.P Club, please join our AYS V.I.P Club group page! We will use this page to put out all our upcoming volunteer opportunities!

AYS V.I.P Club
Facebook Group · 34 members
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AYS is always looking for volunteers and is proud to say that if you give us a hand, we will give you a hand!!!!!

How you wonder? With our AYS V.I.P...



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Youth sports have a huge impact on children and our community. They give our youth help with physical and motor development, as well as psychological and social benefits. Unfortunately, there has been a major decline in the number of youth sport volunteers in our area, which leads to a decrease in the quality of our AYS Program. Without volunteers, our AYS organization is having difficulty providing the same programs and/ or the same quality of programs to the youth in our community. This saddens us at AYS. At this current time, we have 80+ boys who are eagerly awaiting the start of our Boys Basketball season. Which we haven’t been able to start because we don’t have enough coaches at this time. With this being said, we are currently looking for a head coach for 2 of our grade 5-8th teams. If you are a parent of a boy who has currently signed up and are interested in coaching, please contact AYS Boys Basketball Commissioner Dave Frey at 491-3776 or And don’t forget about our Coaching VIP Program, which waives child’s signup fee for all head coaches. If you don’t have children participating in the program but would love to give back to the youth and the community by stepping up and coaching, please contact the AYS Boys Basketball Commissioner, also!! Thanks!


Posted on January 27, 2015 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Payment & Participation- Signup fees are due for all programs at time of resignation or before season starts. If fee has not be received by the first scheduled game, the athlete will not be able to participate until there is communication with AYS regarding the fee and/or payment arrangements have been discussed and agreed upon by both AYS and concerned party. AYS will suspend any account with a past due balance and prohibit participants from participating in any upcoming sports until balance is paid in full.

With the amount of unpaid signup fees we have currently and the fact that the amount is still rising, we at AYS have no other option then to do these. If you are currently one who has a past due balance with us, please send payment to AYS PO BOX 363 Jay, ME 04239 or log into our sportssignup site ( )and pay online. If you are having financial hardships, please contact AYS Treasurer to discuss other options. Accts will be suspended as of 2/13/15.


Online registration now available!!

Posted on January 13, 2014 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (6)

Signing up for sports programs just got easier.  By clicking on the link above left, located just under the AYS logo, you can now register for open programs.

Please note, you must create an account to log in.  The sign up page is separate from this website.

You can also click here to access the sign up site.

AYS Update

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For many years (probably for the life of AYS) there has been an issue with kids (parents) signing up late for sports programs.  AYS volunteers have always done their best to not turn kids away from programs.  In some towns, sports programs cut off at a certain number of participants and then have a waiting list.  Some towns have hard cut off dates and don't take sign ups after a certain date.  Late sign ups create many headaches for the organizers of programs in the AYS organization.

The AYS Board of Directors is actively looking at ways to make signups easier for parents.  We will be evaluating online signups at the next board meeting which will allow people to sign their kids up from any computer connected to the internet or their mobile devices. 

Currently, we are still accepting sign ups for Girls Basketball. Girls Little Hoopsters (PeeWee) sign ups will be happening very soon.

Boys Basketball and Boys Little Hoopsters is closed to sign ups.

We also will be looking at having sign ups further in advance. For example, many communities are already taking sign ups for their spring sports.  Doing so earlier gives organizers time to set teams, build schedules and order t-shirts/uniforms.  AYS will be exploring this approach as well.


Email Blasts

Posted on September 9, 2012 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (0)

One of the ways that AYS uses to communicate important information is by using a feature of the website that allows us to email all members at once. The advantage to this is reaching out to everyone with one email. A disadvantage is communicating something that does not involve everyone who is emailed. For example, I recently sent out a note about soccer. If your child does not play soccer, then the note was not relevant to you. Please understand that all emails you get from the AYS website are not directed at you, but at the entire AYS nation. 

Messages will come from  Please add them to your contact list so they go to your inbox and not your spam/junk folder


What days/times will my child practice??

Posted on August 8, 2012 at 8:00 AM

One of the questions most often asked is "What days will my child practice on?"

Until teams and coaches are set, this is a very difficult question to answer.  Practice times and days are set by the coaches who volunteer their time.  Like most of us, they are juggling jobs, family life and other commitments so practice days and times may vary during the season.  Most coaches try to set a practice schedule at the start of the season, but depending on the sport, the weather sometimes dictates when practices or make up games will be held.