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Covid-19 & AYS update

Posted on March 14, 2020 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)

In accordance with RSU 73’s latest update to cancel all events that bring in the community and to suspend nonessential meetings and in regards to COVID-19, AYS has decided to cancel the final week of the girls basketball season and postpone indoor soccer and indoor field hockey until March 31st, at which time we will reevaluate and hopefully be able to resume.

Indoor Soccer and Indoor Field hockey, once resumed will continue with the same number of sessions as scheduled but days and times may vary. Spring sports (baseball, softball and tee ball) are unaffected at this time as they are not scheduled to start for a few more weeks. We are planning to carry on with these programs as scheduled.

We are very disappointed to have to have to halt our current sports programs but we feel it is in the best interest of our community to assist in limiting the potential spread of the coronavirus and keep those that are at high risk safe. We are simply placing our youth and our communities’ health and safety first.

We plan on monitoring the situation very closely as all this continues to unfold and AYS will do everything we can to stay in line with latest recommended health guidelines. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and hope you all will understand our decision.

In the meantime we encourage everyone to stay safe and remain hopeful that we will be able to get back to normal as soon as possible.

If you have any questions with regards to basketball, soccer, or field hockey, we refer you to the commissioners of those sports. @Heather Williams-basketball @Jennahh WM Rocque- soccer @Ashley Draper -field hockey





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With the national news, local news, and social media so heavily focused on thecoronavirus and a confirmed presumptive positive case in Maine, we at AYS, are encouraging people not to panic but just to be aware and be educated on the virus. Please just take a few minutes to read up on symptoms, hand washing, and risk factors.


We are currently preparing to finish the remainder of the basketball season, indoor soccer and indoor field hockey as scheduled. Our #1 concern is the health and safety of our athletes and community so let’s do our part to limit exposure. We ask that you help us by keeping sick athletes, with a cough or other contagious symptoms at home, even if that means having to miss a game or practice due to illness. We are asking that all athletes to WASH THEIR HANDS before entering the gym and to sanitize frequently. If you have family members or friends that are in the higher risk groups including advanced age, compromised immune system, pre-existing and cardiopulmonary issues (such as COPD, smoker, diabetes, high blood pressure) please encourage them to take the proper precautions which may mean avoiding large crowds where illness can be more easily transmitted.


While the chances of getting seriously ill are low for us and our younger population let’s make sure we do our part in protecting those people that have increased risk factors. If we all work together, we can all get through this healthy. We appreciate your cooperation, and support through this time so we can continue with all our current sports.


5 days left to register for spring sports

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• Cal Ripken Baseball is for kids from 7 - 12 years old. The league has 3 divisions: Rookie (ages 7-8), Minor (9-10) and Major (11-12). May 1st of the current year is the date for determining age. Athletes must supply their own baseball glove, cleats, baseball pants and socks. Registration fee is $60.00.

• Softball is for girls ages 7-12. Girls are broken up by age as of January 1st on any given year and are divided up by 8U (8 and under), 10U & 12U. . Athletes are required to supply their own glove, pants, socks and cleats. Registration fee is $60.00.

• T-Ball is for children 4- 6 years of age. This is for both boys and girls interested in learning the fundamentals of baseball and softball. Athletes must provide their own glove. Registration fee is $40.00.

For more info, visit us at Sign up with debit/credit card online at:


Girls BBall Penny Wars Week 2

Posted on March 9, 2020 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Excellent job to all our Girls In house teams with week 2 of our AYS Penny War Fundraiser!!

This week the Lynx clawed and scratched their way to being the top team in Siege of Cat's Eyes! And were able to move up 1 spot in the Team Standings making them currently 2nd place team! Huskies continue to be TOP DOG! The Cougars & Bulldogs continue to hiss and growl; warning they arent to far behind!

One more weeks to go. Will the Huskies continue to be number 1?! Or will the other teams come ready to WIN!? Stay tuned to next weeks; Battle of the Best: Cats vs Dogs!

AYS Athlete in the Spotlight

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Sports she plays: softball and basketball

Favorite sport: basketball

Favorite sports team: Lakers

Favorite School Subject: math

Favorite hobby: painting

What she likes about playing in AYS sports: I don't have to tryout and worry about making the team.

10 days left to register!

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Peeny War Results Week 1

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Amazing job to all our Girls In House teams with the first week of AYS Penny Wars!! Below is the team standings after week 1. Two more weeks to go!! Will the dogs continue to slobber their way to the top or will the cats be LOOKING to take the top spot?? Maybe the little birds will come in from behind and fly into 1st place?? Stay tuned to next weeks; Siege of the Cat's Eyes!

AYS Athlete in the Spotlight

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Sports he plays: football and basketball

Favorite sport:football

Favorite sports team:Celtics and Patriots

Favorite Player: Jayson Tatum

Why he likes sports: it can keep me active and healthy and being able to play with my friends

Girls In House Penny Wars!

Posted on February 26, 2020 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

����This weekend starts our PENNY WAR FUNDRAISER! ����


All Girls In House Basketball teams will have a jar to collect money in. They will be on the table next to concessions. We hope all athletes will participant and make this a fun little competition.


The boys in house teams all did amazing with this and it was awesome to see them coming in, looking at the jars and getting excited for their teams.


The team who raises the most will have a pizza party thrown for them at My Dad's Place! WHO'S TEAM WILL IT BE? WILL IT BE A DOG, A CAT or a BIRD!?


And Do you think the girl teams can out do the boys teams!? I cant wait to see..


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Attn: AYS Players, Coaches and Families,

As a sponsor of our league, Dick's Sporting Goods wants to recognize your commitment and dedication to youth sports by extending an exclusive invitation to a special three-day League Appreciation Weekend at the Augusta Dick’s Sporting Goods store on April 3rd, 4th & 5th .

On this weekend you will receive 20% off ENTIRE PURCHASE. Discount will be good on all of your baseball/softball needs including, gloves, cleats, batting gloves, baseball/softball pants, baseball/softball apparel, batting helmets, batting gloves, bat bags, eye black, and more! The offer is valid on anything in store with just a few exclusions as noted on flyer and at the discretion of the store. GREAT SAVINGS on all of your baseball, softball & tee ball needs for the upcoming season!

In addition to the 20% savings, you can receive additional savings per item using the other available coupon during this event. That’s 35% off apparel, 30% off gloves, bats & more! Share the offer above with all friends and family! Just tell them to make sure they use the AYS coupons at the checkout counter.

We hope that you will take advantage of this special team shopping event, so you can enjoy Dick’s Sporting Goods best baseball/softball gear at a great savings! EVERY SEASON STARTS AT DICK’S SPORTING GOODS!

Here is an idea of what Dick’s Sporting Goods carries:


- Glove

- Pants

- Cleats

- Water Bottle

- Socks

- Belt

- Batting Helmet

- Bat (League appropriate)

****Bats and Helmets are provided by the league, this is just suggested and a great deal if you’d like to get your own!***

Thank you, Charlene Nelson, Jenna Rocque & Heather Williams ~ 2020 AYS Spring Ball Commissioners

**Note: This special offer for our league is only valid for the weekend of our event.**



Spring Sports Registrations!

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AYS takes pride in keeping registration fees as low as possible for our communities’ youth, however there comes a time when the current fees need to increase. Due to increase costs and demand of umpiring, league fees and the need to start purchasing more updated equipment/uniforms, we have to increase our spring sports registrations fee.


We have avoided raising our prices for as long as possible, for the past 6 years baseball and tee ball stayed at the same fee and softball had only increased $10 during that time. Unfortunately, we can no longer prolong the inevitable. Our new registration fees for the upcoming spring season are Cal-Ripken Baseball $60.00, Franklin County Youth Softball $60.00 and Little Sluggers Tee Ball $40.00.


We wish to thank you for your valued support and participation in our AYS Program and know that you will understand the necessity for this registration fee increase.


A simple breakdown of each spring sport can be viewed at the AYS website. It can be found under documents, Click on sport under Where my Registration Fee goes?


With that being said, we are happy to announce that SPRING REGISTRATIONS are now open for the upcoming Baseball, Softball & Tee Ball Season. Visit to register online or come by and see us; to register in person on Saturdays during Girls Basketball games, 10am to 1pm at the AYS Complex located at 25 Cedar Street in Livermore Falls!



Winter Raffle Winners!!!

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Wrestling pictures tomorrow! 2/14

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Grils In House Basketball Picture Schedule

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GIRLS BASKETBALL GAMES�� start this weekend!! It will also be team and individual�� picture day��, Saturday! Make sure your athlete comes in on schedule times wearing their team jersey and a SMILE!! Order Form below! Photographers will have some on hand!

Register now!

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INDOOR SOCCER: Division #1 is FULL!! Division #2 has ONLY 3 spots left!


INDOOR FIELD HOCKEY: 12 spots remain


Posted on February 3, 2020 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)

SIplay App Info: Girls BBallTeams Activated

Posted on January 21, 2020 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (0)


⭐️Teams have been activated on the SIPlay app! & you should be hearing from you coaches soon!⭐️


If you have the siplay app and you are unable to see your childs' basketball team when you go onto the app, please log out and then log back in. If the team still isn't there, please uninstall the app and reinstall it. That should do the trick!


If you dont have the app but have a child signed up for the upcoming season, you should get it..Here's why:


AYS uses the SportsSignUp Play mobile app for all our sports teams as a way for coaches & parents to all communicate with each other. SportsSignUp Play is a free easy to use app that benefits busy coaches and youth sport families. It also provides team rosters, schedules and a place to share comments, video and photo highlights!


Why will you love SportsSignUp Play?

- SSU Play is 100% free for ALL our features and functionality

- The Feed allows teammates to post comments, highlights, videos, photos and more

- Family Schedules: track games, practices, and events across all your kids’ sports and teams in one place

- Interactive Player Cards make your players the hero – rosters, athlete info, attendance tracking for coaches, and tagged photos/videos

- Possibility for Game & score updates

- Ability to get communications updates on the fly


How to get & access the app?

-Visit your mobile app store and search SSU Play

-Download & Install

-Open app & log into with the same email and password used for SI Play registration site.


*If you already have the SSU Play app, please make sure you log out and log back in once you receive email confirmation that your child has been assigned to a team. Many times, the new sports season will not show up on your app until you refresh it with the above steps.*


If you need any assistance with the app, please let us know.


Indoor Field Hockey Info!

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Indoor Field Hockey will be for girls grades 3-6th. Registration space is limited to the first 27 girls. Sessions are set to start Saturday March 21st. Season will begin the same day as last game of girls basketball season but will take place prior to basketball games which are schedule later that day. Season will end prior to spring sports. (softball, baseball, teeball)


Visit and register before slots fill up! If you are unable to register online, please let us know. Registration is due to close on Feb 15th or before if roster is full.

Indoor Soccer Information!!

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Registration space is limited to the first 32 children per division. Division #1 will consist of boys and girls grades 1-4. Division #2 will consist of boys and girls grades 5-8. Sessions will take place on Sundays starting 3/8th. Season will slightly overlap end of girls basketball but will not conflict with each other. Season will end prior to spring sports. (softball, baseball, teeball)


Visit and register before slots fill up! If you are unable to register online, please let us know. Registration is due to close on Feb 15th or before if roster is full.